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Kendra I. McCrae

Attorney-At-Law LLC

Kendra I. McCrae has been practicing law in Philadelphia for over 20 years.  Her practice has been dedicated almost exclusively to the practice of criminal law although she also handles personal injury matters.  


Kendra believes that our system of justice is broken and should be a cause of great and cautious concern every time an individual has their liberty interrupted as the result of a police involved stop, arrest or interrogation or due to the negligence or recklessness of another.  If we hold ourselves out as being a fair and just society, then no one should be imprisoned or punished simply because the Commonwealth says they are guilty of a crime nor should business owners, individuals or insurance companies take advantage of the weak and injured.   

 Achieving this ideal means keeping the government and the corporate giant honest.  Kendra makes it her mission to hold the government accountable and make it prove its case with sound arguments, reliable testimony and real evidence.  Kendra makes it her mission to make her clients whole by restoring what has been wrongfully taken through the negligence or recklessness of another.  This is why, if you or a loved one is arrested or injured, you should chose Kendra I. McCrae, Attorney-at-Law LLC to represent you. 

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